The End to Cancer?

“CBS News reported that a whopping 40% of all cancers are the result of lifestyle factors including:

  • poor diet
  • inactivity
  • stress
  • exposure to carcinogens like pollution and cigarette smoke

That means that at least 40% of all cancer diagnoses could be prevented if people only knew what foods to eat and how to build awareness around their choices in life.”  (Quote from email memo by Coach Julia at Integrative Nutrition, written Oct 3, 2012)


Having been through the cancer journey with a loved one, I do have to add that regardless of whether someone makes healthy lifestyle choices or not, people still get cancer.  Self-blame can be a painful issue for some cancer patients, I think this is one reason why it is harder to maintain support groups for lung cancer patients.  No one “wants” cancer, so if you find yourself with a diagnosis, all you can do is be kind to yourself, seek answers and ask for help. (See my article here on how to navigate our health care system and check out “Burzynski The Movie” on Netflix.) 


With that last paragraph stated, what this memo says is true.  If you’re thinking about getting support to quit your bad habits and replace them with good ones, please give me a call and let me help.


Remember we say “crowd out” at Integrative Nutrition, that means you bring so many good habits and so much love and support to you that you’re able to let go of the deeper need that the bad craving is actually feeding.


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Remember, I want to help you live the healthiest life possible! –GreenLightHeidi

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