Not so SWEET Halloween

I like this article on 57 kinds of sugar, except the paragraph that implies agave nectar is as harmful as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Now, reallly???!  HFCS is man made and heated and cooled to EXTREME temperatures whereas agave nectar is a naturally occurring sugar; don’t tell me they are metabolized the same in the body, please.   (More on HFCS on this post here.) Eating foods that are heated and cooled like that create free radicals in the body as they are not a chemical structure that occurs in nature.  Splenda is an example of this.

Splenda (“sucralose”) is made from sugar in a patented 5 step process, it substitutes 3 atoms of chlorine for 3 hydrogen-oxygen, converting sugar into a fructo-galactose molecule.    This molecule does not occur in nature.

The bottom line on the following article, though, is that we eat too much sugar and it’s in everything and that resonates with what I say in my SUGAR BLUES talk.


Here’s the article:


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