WHAT?!! A Rice Cooker?

Hey, who doesn’t know about RICE COOKERS?!!!

Secret: they were designed for the supremely lazy who also hope to eat and be healthy.

So, here’s a photo:

Rice cooker with cooked brown rice inside


There’s the number 1, 2, or 3, inside and you put 2/3 cup of rice or quinoa or pearled barley (add lil extra water) for each number.

In other words, you put 2/3 cup of rice and fill to lil bit above the “1” line

Put 1 and 1/2 cups of rice and fill to lil bit above the “2” line

Put two lil overflowing cups of brown rice and fill to top line (lil above 3).


Then you press down the button.  Make sure the machine in plugged in.  Suddenly around 30 minutes later you have INSTANT RICE or quinoa (takes 15 minutes not 30).


IT’s AMAZING!!!  See how excited SHE IS?!

OMG rice cookers are amazing!

photo credit to babasteve


But wait, there’s MORE!


I got some lovely, freshly arrived, salmon sashimi at the Buford Hwy Farmers Market (don’t be fooled–it’s a grocery store not a farmers market) and when I got home, I put some brown rice in my rice cooker.  It was a five minute meal prep:

Easy to cut up the sashimi, add avocado:

Salmon sashimi with brown rice and avocado

And INSTANT YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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