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If you, the reader, are SERIOUS about your smoothies (like I am!!!) definitely add their green powder



to your smoothies.  Iherb.com can have fantastic deals, so if you on a major tight budget, they are THE PLACE to get supplements and powders.  But if you want to heal from long-term depletion like many of us have from modern diets or you want to heal from some illness that you have even general fatigue, that GPS green powder is an important element.


Another important element if you are seeking to heal and strengthen, is buying their coconut milk powder and learning how to make your own fermented yogurt.  This doesn’t take a lot of time and cultured foods are crucial for a healthy gut and OFTEN missing in modern diets.  Once I get good at it myself, I’ll post how to do it!

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Remember, I want to help you live the healthiest life possible! –GreenLightHeidi

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