Making Peace with Grief

Making Peace with Grief: Achieving “Temporal Integration” If you are grieving, trying to make sense about life…and death…is probably frequently on your mind.  It was on my mind when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, throughout his treatment, and still continues long after his death. Recently, I’ve come across some science on brain health that helped me to understand my grieving process better. Instinctually, the... Read More

Reality vs the Erotic

“So I think that the unknown is inherent to desire. But faced with the unknown, people can have a few responses: you can stay open to it and welcome the persistent mystery of your partner or you can respond with anxiety. And for me, the question is the issue of certainty. You know, I think love is never certain. It is inherent that the potential of loss is part of love. And if you want to pretend to create an illusion of certainty then you will... Read More

“Chronic” Grief

For more acute grief, please read post 1 and post 2. I end post 2 with the quote, “The place in your body where these two meet—strong back and soft front—is the brave, tender ground in which to root our caring deeply when we begin the process of being with dying.” (p.17) But what about the “brave. tender ground” when we are at the two year or the five year anniversary of our loss?  I always say to clients who are experiencing... Read More –awesome homemade powders4SMOOTHIE

If you, the reader, are SERIOUS about your smoothies (like I am!!!) definitely add their green powder   to your smoothies. can have fantastic deals, so if you on a major tight budget, they are THE PLACE to get supplements and powders.  But if you want to heal from long-term depletion like many of us have from modern diets or you want to heal from some illness that you have even general fatigue,... Read More

List of Common Toxic Cleaning Products

Comet has 146 ingredients! Simple Green is not so “simple” nor “green-friendly”…see this report for good info on cleaning products:     ps. I like this Thieves cleaner (okay the name is weird, it comes from a specific blend of essential oils that “thieves” used during the black plague to protect themselves from getting sick which touching bodies.)  When I... Read More