Young People – Your ONLY Chance is to Wake Up

Here are some quotes about the current climate for young adults: From 1 in 2 New Graduates Are Jobless or Underemployed article,  “Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University who analyzed the numbers, said many people with a bachelor’s degree face a double whammy of rising tuition and poor job outcomes. ‘Simply put, we’re failing kids coming out of college,’ he said.”***... Read More

White Rice = BAD

When white rice is consumed on a daily basis, the increased chance of obtaining type II diabetes is 11%   Check out this article:  Read More

Why girlfriends = health

Girls having time to hang out with other girlfriends is vital to maintaining a woman’s health, apparently it’s programmed into our DNA! Check out this article with the science behind “why”:  Read More

Little bit of exercise makes a BIG difference on health

See this article on how even 25 minutes of brisk walking three times weekly, lowers risk of heart disease by 14%, and the longer you continue “on the path” so to speak, the greater the benefit…  Read More