Tool for Forgiveness

There is a loving-kindess/metta meditation known as “Ton Glen,” and I found a good guided one on this website:


This is a wonderful 10 minute exercise.


Think of someone that you want to send loving-kindness.  I recommend choosing someone/a situation where it is painful for you to think about him/her/it.   You might find, over time, that in sending kindness, you inadvertently help yourself.  This is a powerful exercise.


In addition to how Wai Cheong Kok leads this meditation, I’d like to mention the following visualization that I learned in a prior Ton Glen.   Image the person’s pain and suffering is like a ring of dark clouds around his/her heart.  As you breath in, envision the clouds coming into your heart which is a bright sun and the clouds vaporize and dissolve.  As you exhale, breath loving-kindness back to this person (he says this in the meditation).  Let me know what you think!

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**photo credit to Noel Zia Lee

  1. Lori Maher says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL, Heidi. Thank you <3

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