Find A Middle Ground When Buying Organic

Why write about the Organic food label when Dr. Mercola writes about it extensively in his article? I completely agree particularly when he says that if you are on a budget, the place to begin is to buy organic meat and poultry.  Know that if there is a USDA organic food label on the product that that label actually means something... Read More

Fasting 101

This is a great article by Dr. Hass on everything that you need to know about fasting:  Read More

Tool for Forgiveness

There is a loving-kindess/metta meditation known as “Ton Glen,” and I found a good guided one on this website:   This is a wonderful 10 minute exercise.   Think of someone that you want to send loving-kindness.  I recommend choosing someone/a situation where it is painful for you to think about him/her/it.   You might find, over time, that in sending kindness, you inadvertently... Read More