Hilarious Video of Laughter Yoga

Watch this for a laugh.  If you can, DO THE EXERCISES, while you watch, and you’ll laugh even more.  Click here for:

5 Minute YouTube Video where I teach just the LAUGHTER YOGA section to the social work students at the University of Georgia


For the entire 25 minute podcast recording of  a talk that I gave titled “Mindfulness: the Missing Link”

Click this link: Laughter Yoga and Mindfulness Lecture

(Then scroll down and click on the “August 30th Heidi Crockett podcast.”)

Details:  The first 7 minutes of the podcast is just the sound of the Laughter Yoga, so I recommend fast-forwarding and beginning to listen at the 7 minute marker. At 16:30-18:30 of the podcast, I discuss why mindfulness in action is important.  At 18:30-24:30 is the strong back/soft front guided meditation.  And at 26:00-31:00 (the end of program) is a Ton Glen guided meditation. Enjoy!

Photo credit to Blind Grasshopper


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