High Fructose Corn Syrup

For information about high fuctose corn syrup (HFCS) go to this website:



Here are some healthy alternatives for those addictive sugar habits with HFCS and artificial sweeteners:

These two products are healthy replacements for soda that you can find in your local healthfood store.  Blue Sky Free usually costs around $.75 per can which is very reasonable.  I’ve had a number of clients switch to this product to curb their soda habit.

Blue sky freeor

These products are sweetened with stevia, a natural

sweetener, which you also buy in packets to sweeten coffee:


Stevia is a good replacement to the artificial sweeteners.  One example of an artificial sweetener is Splenda.

Splenda “sucralose” is made from sugar in a patented 5 step process, it substitutes 3 atoms of chlorine for 3 hydrogen-oxygen, converting sugar into a fructo-galactose molecule.    This molecule does not occur in nature.

The advantage to being HEALTHY today rather than even a few years ago is that there are TONS of products that can FEED all your craving needs.  Please feel free to message me: HeidiCrockett@gmail.com

And further inquire about products that can be excellent, yummy replacement options!

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Remember, I want to help you live the healthiest life possible! –GreenLightHeidi

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